My Business Isn't Growing! What Am I Doing Wrong?!

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

The biggest fear as a business owner is to see zero growth in sales. This is when doubt seems to seep in and take over our motivation and ambition to keep our business alive. I will ask you a series of questions that will help you narrow down WHY your business isn't growing. Here we go!

1. Does your business have a clear brand identity?

Brand identity is how the customer perceives your business as a whole. As soon as you think of Nike, you have a clear indication of their tag line, who their target audience is, the colors they use, the images they use. Your logo, colors, fonts, and imagery are all part of establishing your brand identity.

2. What separates your business from your competitors?

Your business should stand for something. It could be that every shirt that you sell goes to a charity, or we don't just sell good food, we donate 15% of our sales to a local children's hospital. What is your message? WHY should I choose your business over your competitors? Find a way to differentiate your brand from your competitors and you will see growth and brand loyalty.

3. Is your business consistently active in your community?

When you are active within your local community, your business starts to generate a good reputation, and people will stand by you and your business, because you care about your local community. Find ways to donate, or get involved in certain groups or clubs. The best form of advertising is word of mouth!

4. Do you have a website to acquire emails so that you can market back to them?

When you receive someones email you are now able to have a direct line of communication. It is vital to have an on going promotion or contest on your website so that people can enter with their email, name and or phone number. Ex. "Get a Chance to Win FREE Coffee for an Entire Month! Input Your Info to Enter!" Now you can implement email campaigns and get a higher retention.

5. Do you actively post on social media platforms with promotions and events?

Social media advertising and strategy is a MUST! Do not just post pictures of your product, but have people Like, Share, and Tag someone, and run a contest or challenge. The higher engagement, the higher your frequency and awareness will be. Have people go to your website in order to enter a contest or promotion, and make sure you put your website link for every post! One of the greatest quotes I've read about marketing and advertising was," Reach creates awareness, but frequency changes minds." Be consistent and persistent and it will pay off.

These are just a few topics that will assist you in focusing your efforts in customer acquisition and retention. Here at Alogrow Communications we specialize in customer acquisition and retention. We build websites, logos, and more to establish and implement a clear strategy in your market. Let's build your business and watch it grow!